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Lava Ocean Tours, Inc.

Phone: 808-966-4200
Web Site: [Click Here]
Year Established: 2006
Hawaii Tours on the Big Island, Hawaii Lava Tours, Hawaii Volcano Tours, Hawaii Lava Hikes, Volcano Boat Tours, Fishing Charters, Lava Boat tours.. Are you looking to go off the beaten path to explore hidden Hawaii & discover unique places only found in East Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Lava Ocean Tours, INC is Hilo Hawaii's premiere land & ocean activities company specializing in Hawaii Volcano Tours & Charter Fishing. We can boat or walk you to see Hawaii's most exciting attraction, Volcano Kilauea. Located 30 minutes East of Hilo Town we have a buffet of excursions guaranteed to quench your thirst with adventure. Our Big Island Boat Tours include Volcano Boat Tours, Lava Boat Tours, Halape snorkel & SCUBA Diving Adventures, East Hawaii Fishing Charters & Private Charters. Also for those looking to get up close & personal with the volcano join us on a guided lava hike where our local guides will get you as close as possible to safely view the flowing lava.

Come view Volcano Kilauea's active eruption via one of our catamaran fleet of volcano boats. The 34ft 24 passenger US Coast Guard inspected "LavaKai" is East Hawaii's ultimate tour boat to go snorkeling, diving, fishing & surfing from. Discover the Big Islands most secluded snorkel & dive adventure tour hidden in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Don't get stuck in the Kona crowds, we limit our tours 24 passengers to ensure you an intimate, uncrowded Big Island ocean adventure. Our private touring vessel the 27ft Grady White "Tigercat" is perfect for smaller groups of 6 or less. Both vessels are equipped to handle the challenging Puna Coast Pacific Ocean waters!

Whether lava is flowing or cooling, the flank of Kilauea volcano remains very much alive & ever changing. While flowing, watch in awe as red hot lava sizzles into the sea. When the eruption is up the (pali)mountain we take you offshore to get the panoramic view of the Kilauea Volcano. We strive to get you the best view of lava while onboard one of our lava boats or while out hiking in the lava fields. It's an amazing experience and a personal lava tour of a lifetime.

Our Hawaii Lava Tours are one of Hawaii's top attractions, pair it with the combo of snorkeling, diving or fishing to create your ultimate Hawaii Adventure Tour. The original Lava Ocean Adventure, and still the crews favorite takes you fishing in East Hawaiian Waters for pelagic fish targeting Ono, Mahi Mahi, & Ahi on our combo volcano tour & Big Island Fishing Charter. Year round we operate Big Island Fishing Charters, Hawaii Boat Volcano Tours, Lava Hikes, Exploration SCUBA Dives and guided Snorkel Tours.



Volcano Boat Tours in Hawaii

Hawaii Volcano tour to discover East Hawaii's stunning volcanic coastline on a 2 hour 30 mile guided boat excursions along the scenic Puna coast shoreline. Located outside the town of Hilo beneath Volcano Kilauea, a unique Hawaii adventure tour awaits you on our year round Lava Ocean Volcano Tour. See Hawaii Volcanoes National Park's historic geologic formations (lava tubes, sea arches, beaches and much more). A Big Island tour not to be missed!!!

Experiencing the aftermath from 28+ years of the Kilauea Volcano eruption. Witness the settling lava benches from recent 2011 volcanic activity. This Big Island boat tour reveals panoramic views of Big Island Volcanoes(Kilauea, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa), Volcanic Black Sand Beaches, Unique Lava Tubes, Pristine Marine Life, Historic Lavascapes, Lush Junglescapes while cruising along the Historical Kalapana coast filled with scenic beauty.

Come get some Big Island love on board one of our world class catamarans. The US Coast Guard inspected 34ft 24 passenger catamaran "LavaKai" is the ultimate way to explore East Hawaii's remote Big Island destinations. Her sister ship the "Kue'wa" is a 27ft Grady White is designed for private touring & group tours up to 6 passengers.

Every new day in Hawaii begins right here along the scenic Puna coastline. This complete volcano tour affords you unique views of past & present Kilauea volcano eruptions including a front row seat to see red hot lava sizzling into the sea (when flowing) and goes beyond to reveal & discover unique geographic formations including frozen rivers of fire, lava falls cascading 100's of feet, ocean lava tubes, ever changing sea arches, newly forming beaches, bench cracks & landslides happening along Hawaii Volcanoes National Park coastline. While boating along the scenic East Hawaii Coastline island treasures to keep an eye out for include 3 unique black sand beaches Kalapana (flowed over in 1989 now reforming), Kehena (formed by 1955 ocean lava flows), & Foxes beach which was flowed over on July 25th 2010. This extensive tour covers close to 30 miles round revealing a buffet of Big Island highlights see current eruption activity, rainbows, and an array of marine life which can include, dolphins, flying fish (Malolo), seabirds, Hawaiian Sea Turtles &; even Humpback Whales (Dec-May).

Snorkel Cruise Dolphin Watch

Our Friendly staff welcomes you onboard the modern, 2015 built “LavaKai II” for an intimate wildlife cruise. Ocean dreams become a reality 11 miles North of Waikoloa Kohala Ocean Tours invites you to experience calm, crystal-clear waters, an underwater paradise of pristine, colorful, coral reef gardens in a protected marine sanctuary with more than 600 species of marine life. Begin or end your day on a snorkel cruise to discover dolphins as we explore the scenic Kohala waters for pods of our resident spinner dolphins. Experience the excitement as the curious wild dolphins swim up to the boat take a closer look and astonish you with their aerial acrobatics.

Whale Watching Waikoloa

3 Departures Daily 8AM, 10AM, 3PM Best Whale Watching on the Big Island of Hawaii is along the Kohala Coast, a protected Marine Sanctuary where Humpback whales return yearly to honeymoon in paradise!

Join to experience Humpback Whales on an intimate Big Island Whale Watching cruise beginning on December 1 and operating through April, Whale permitting. The Kona/Kohala coasts offers the best whale watching in Hawaii, Kawaihae Harbor South is located inside the National Marine Humpback Whale Sanctuary, the best place to see whales.

Night Manta Snorkel

Night Manta Ray Snorkel in Hawaii

The best way to get upclose & personal with these gentle giants is on Night Manta Ray Snorkeling on the Big Island of Hawaii

This snorkel adventure is at night for the best viewing of the manta rays. You can view manta rays during daylight hours, however they feed most actively at night when many plankton rise towards the surface providing a symbiotic relationship and the ultimate night snorkel cruise. Using high powered ECO LED lights that are safe for the manta, we are able to entice these plankton thus calls the mantas to our snorkel site. Unlike the crowded Kona Manta Snorkel sites we offer a private dive site for you to enjoy an intimate manta ray experience close to the Waikoloa & Kohala resorts.

Manta rays unlike Sting Rays are completely safe to be around and have no stingers and are majestic gentle giants. Come enjoy the ultimate manta ray snorkeling experience today!

Lava Hike to See Lava in Hawaii

Lava Hikes to see lava in Hawaii flowing across the land in route to the sea.
Join us as on a lava tour to hike & visit Madame Pele's rivers of fire. Walk over recent lava flows and feel the heat as our volcano guides lead you to experience the ever changing lava flows from the Kilauea Volcano. Feel the heat under your feet, hear the crackling of the lava while keeping an eye out for surface outbreaks. This is an experience you don't want to miss!

Lava is a natural event and can start and stop without warning. When there is no Lava visible at Kalapana the tour will access private lands to bring you as close as possible to the current front of the most recent lava flows.

General Information
Schedule:9AM, 12 noon. Tour varies 6-8 hours round trip, departs Hilo Town.
Tour Rating: Advanced; guests need to be 8 years and older.
We Provide: Walking sticks, Bottled water, snacks, local guided tour highlighting the Kilauea Volcano
Prices:Adult $175.00. Child (8-15 ): $150.00 taxes included
Group Size: Tour limited to 6 guests per guide.
Restrictions: Guests need to be able to hike on uneven rocky terrain for an extended amount of time.
What to Bring & Wear: Comfortable walking shoes(sneakers or hiking boots), long pants or shorts, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, rain poncho, gloves.

This extreme Hawaii tour hikes over rough lava terrain which can have steep trail grades. We do not recommend this tour for children under 6 years of age or those with recent leg or foot injuries please consult your doctor before booking. Our lava hikes cover a vast amount of lava terrain anywhere from 4-10 miles call for recent conditions; all hikers must be able to retain a good pace lava terrain.
Lava Hikes walk you to See Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii

Natural Wonders of Hilo

Natural Wonders of Hilo Whales, Waterfalls, Wildlife
2 hour best of Hilo Tour Whales, Waterfalls, & Wildlife
Adults $150 Child (4-12) $125 TAX included
Experience the less known scenic coastlines surrounding Hilo Bay
Feel the mist of mystical waterfalls cascading into the ocean
Learn the history of the Hamakua coast & the plantation era

Natural Wonders of Hilo Boat Tour- 2 hour tour
East Hawaii is a great place to experience Whales, Waterfalls, & Wildlife while also viewing Hilo places of cultural, geological & historical interest. Tours depart from Wailoa harbor near the Suisan fish market. The following is a brief synopsis of what can be seen on this tour surf spots, mystical cascading ocean waterfalls, palm treed valleys, Spinner & Bottle nose dolphins, remains from the once thriving sugar plantations, a black beaches, Whales, seabirds, lush botanical landscapes, tsunami history, and much more.

We begin with a tour of Hilo Bays highlights Coconut Island, the ice ponds, the black sand beach, and paint the picture of what Hilo would have looked like before the 2 major tsunamis in 1946 & 1960. The Hamakua coast in the 1900's housed numerous sugar companies 2 of which we can see from the boat including the Papaikou sugar mill that resides on a beautiful black sand beach and now is a popular surf spot. Views Mauna Kea, the largest volcano from sea floor, in the backdrop of ocean entry waterfalls are spectacular . Mauna Kea becomes snow capped in the winter adding a element of beauty to this majestic mountain. To the south view the 30+ year eruption of the world?s most active volcano Kilauea. Spinner & Bottle nose are always a crowd pleaser especially when we see large pods displaying their acrobatic spins & tail walks. The scenic Onomea Bay is a botanical garden masterpiece with over 2000 plant species growing in the valley. Large lava caves house numerous sea birds along the coast. Humpback Whales can be seen anytime during this charter. From December 1 - April 1 Humpback Whales are become a daily favorite, with sightings on almost every whale watch tour. We see many types of behavior during this important mating time including Breaching, Fluking, Tail Slaps, baby Humpbacks (Calves), and Competition Pods.

Lava Tour Combo Hike & Boat

Lava Hike & Volcano Boat Tour Combo

Hawaii Lava Tours to see active lava, well the best way is to experience the Kilauea Volcano is to see it from a couple different perspectives we created a Volcano Tour Combo with you in mind. Take a guided Lava Hike with one of our local volcano guides getting you to the closest proximity to the current lava flows coupled with a Volcano Boat Tour on our US Coast Guard rated boat the LavaKai to see the sights the volcano coastline is famous for Black Sand Beaches, Lava Tubes, Sea Arches, & panoramic views of the active lava flowing toward the sea.

Tour Information
Our trips are based 100% on nature and natural occurring events. We do not control the lava unfortunately, but we will do our best to provide you a volcano tour that gets you as close as safely possible to the current lava flows! Lava Conditions are an ever-changing phenomena & a spectacle to see whether entering the ocean or flowing across the land. Lava has not touched the sea since January 2nd, 2012

Lava Hikes depart Kalapana near the counties lava viewing area.
Volcano Boat Tours depart from Isaac Hale Beach Park also know as Pohoiki Boat Ramp.
Conditions: Both tours are gear toward active guests who are in good physical health.
We Provide: Bottled water, guided Hawaii Lava Tour, & walking sticks.
Prices: Adult $250.00. Child (6-12): $250.00
Group Size: Tour limited to a maximum of 12 guests.
Restrictions: Guests need to be 6 years old, tour not recommended for people with heart problems, obesity, recent injuries, back, neck or joint pain. consult your doctor in needed.
What to Bring & Wear: All items need to be brought in a waterproof bag preferably, all electronics need to have a way to protect from water damage: ie zip-lock bags, Dress to get wet, long pants or swim shorts, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, rain poncho all are great things to have available on while touring the active Volcano.

Hilo Whale Watching

Hilo Whale Watching is best From December - April Humpback Whales are become a daily favorite, with sightings on every whale watch tour or you come again FREE. The Hilo side see far less boaters with only a few commercial operation so enjoy a one on one whale encounter without another boat in sight unlike the Kona whale watching partys. We see many types of behavior during this important mating time including Breaching, Fluking, Tail Slaps, baby Humpbacks (Calves), and Competition Pods.

Plenty of Free parking right where you board the boat.
Stereo Hydrophones to let you hear and feel the mysterious whale sounds.
Onboard narration pertaining to whale activity.
Friendly captains & crew will make this your whale watch of choice.

Big Island Fishing Charters

East Hawaii's Hilo Town is home to some of Hawaii's most fertile fishing grounds. Our crew of skilled fishermen are here you assist you in catching Hawaiian Pelagic fish targeting Ono (Wahoo), Mahi Mahi (Dorado), and Ahi (Tuna). We offer coastline high speed trolling charters, offshore world record Big Game hunts, bottom fishing, and strip & live bait at local Hawaii State FAD Buoys. As one of very few fishing charter boats in East Hawaii we expect to take you out on an uncrowded fishing charter to the Big Island select grounds.

Our dedicated crew of experienced fishermen come equipped with the finest tackle & are eager to assist you in landing your Hawaii dream sport fish. In these select fishing
grounds pelagic fish roam waiting to make your day. Whether you're a first time angler or a seasoned fishermen we'll get you hooked up on a reel adventure!
All trips include everything you need to go fishing. Ice, bait, tackle & ALL LICENSES!

1/2, 3/4, Full, & Multiple days available.

Halape Getaway Snorkel & Dive

Halape is Paradise Found! This getaway lets you to choose your Big Island Adventure, Snorkel, Dive, or Relax in Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks secluded natural wonder known as Halape. An Ocean Volcano Tour of a lifetime awaits you on this Big Island of Hawaii castaway cruise!

This unique 6 hour Big Island ocean cruise is aimed at guests seeking a full day ocean adventure in Hawaii to Discover East Hawaii's hidden ocean treasures!
Are you looking to be adventurous while on the Big Island, then this is the tour for you.  Imagine relaxing on a white sandy beach, viewing active volcanoes from the sea, swimming & snorkeling with the tropical fishes, exploration SCUBA Diving exclusive dive sites, it's all available on this 6 hour Hawaii adventure tour.

The US Coast Guard inspected 24 passenger LavaKai is East Hawaii's premiere boat for snorkeling & diving. She was designed specifically for those seeking Hawaii's ultimate snorkel & dive adventure tours. Don't get stuck in the Kona tourist traps/crowds, we limit our passenger count to 12 per trip to ensure you an intimate, uncrowded Big Island ocean adventure.

Big Island Lava Boat LavaKai's aluminum hulled catamaran design paired with reliable twin Honda 225's allows faster speeds and smoother rides then mono-hulled and fiberglass boats. Secluded Big Island destinations previously inaccessible, have now become accessible.

East Hawaii's remote underwater world is a vast area of exploration dives & snorkeling. These secluded waters offer incredible schools of brightly colored tropical fish, lava caves rich in sea life, stunning coral formations and pristine ocean diving conditions. East Hawaii is also a known breeding ground for Hawksbill Turtles, so there's always a chance you might get a rare glimpse of the rare Hawksbill turtles. We've even had an endangered Monk Seal swim with us a few times as well as giant Manta Rays & Eagle Rays.

This Big Island getaway castaway takes you to see secluded white & black sandy beaches far away from the Kona crowds. We specialize in Big Island Boat Tours to remote locations guaranteed to amaze even the most seasoned Big Island travelers. Come discover hidden Hawaii's secret destinations along the Puna Coastline! Located in the shadow of active volcano Kilauea inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks amazing Lava Fields is a first class oasis of white sandy beaches, tropical coconut groves, abundant sea life, cool ocean breezes, a Big Island ocean paradise like no other. This secluded Hawaii destination is rich in history ranging from geology, Hawaiian culture, tropical fish, wide array of wildlife, and is accessible only by a 15 mile hike across hot lava flows or by cruising one of our volcano boats. During our Big Island castaway adventure your Big Island ocean guides will inform you of coastline sights including: 3 Black Sand Beaches (Kaimu,Kalapana,Foxes), the giant seacliffs created during from the 65 acre East Lae`apuki bench break, the Holei Sea Arch, panoramic views of Hawaii Volcanoes (Kilauea, Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea), views of the ongoing active Kilauea eruption, Halape iki, Keauhou Landing, Apua Point, Pu'u Kapukapu Pali (hillside), the great Crack, and many other unique Big Island highlights. Whether you are going to be snorkeling or SCUBA diving, underwater features colorful reef formations full of incredible schools of tropical fish, sea life rich lava tubes, and an opportunity to see rare species of marine life which include Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles & Dolphins.

Snorkel & Dive in a secluded paradise!
$215 taxes included (Minimum Age: 7 Years)
Tuesdays & Thursdays 5AM (PM Tour 2PM)
6-Hour Cruise Includes:
- Visit remote White & Black Sand Beaches
- Photo ops galore secluded shoreline scenery
- Enjoy a Historical overview of sights
- View active Volcano Kilauea's current eruption
- Snorkel with Tropical Fish, Turtles & Marine Life
- SCUBA dive into an exotic underwater paradise
- This exclusive cruise is limited to 12 guests.
- Snorkel gear with friendly instruction
- A guided snorkel tour of the reef
- Fresh island foods, lunch & beverages
- Extreme SCUBA fun for divers of all levels.
This Snorkel & Dive getaway is serious ocean fun guaranteed to quench your thirst for adventure!!!
A must do Hawaii adventure on East Hawaii's less known Hilo side.
LavaKai Features:
- 34' Armstrong Marine power catamaran (Built in 2003)
- Experienced friendly crew
- Side door for easy water access
- A Restroom & fresh water showers
- Roomy, covered seating
- Snorkel gear and instruction
- Flotation devices of all types
Additional Options:
- Refreshments ( soda, juice, water)
- 1-tank scuba dive $50 w/gear, $75 w/o gear
Are you looking to be adventurous while on the Big Island?
Any health or issues pregnancy's please consult your doctor before booking.

East Hawaii SCUBA Dive & Snorkel Tours

East Hawaii SCUBA Diving offers pristine ocean dives on the Big Island of Hawaii's volcanic coastline. Join us to experience ocean Lava Tubes, Stunning Corals, Schools of tropical fish, find anchors left behind from whaling ships, & exploration dive unique Big Island Dive sites!
Big Island Munk Seal Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle East Hawaii Scuba Dive Jellyfish

Two Tank Advanced Dive

Hawaii SCUBA Diving excitement & adventure exploring the exclusive Puna Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii. Unique East Hawaii dive sites offer deep dives on steep sheer cliffs, drift dives along pristine volcanic terrain, underwater sea arches, ocean lava tubes and caves, anchors left behind from the whale ships, visit a shark den or even dive off shore on a blue water open ocean dive. Due to the vast area diveable along East Hawaii our advanced East Hawaii dive offers a wide array of terrain & sealife to discover.

Cost for Divers:
$200 for Certified Divers

Two Tank Morning Boat Dive
Scuba Diving and Snorkeling along the Puna Coast at select Big island destinations. SCUBA Dive two unique dive sites to see rare volcanic terrain, an abundance of tropical marine life which can include Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Munk Seals and even Sharks
2 Tank Morning SCUBA Dive
$150 for Certified Scuba Divers (plus rental gear)
$89 for Snorkelers & Ride Alongs* (rental gear included)

Castaway Snorkel & Dive

6 hour - 60 mile ocean journey
Online prices Adult: $215 Children: $190 *Kama'aina: $190

Combo Volcano Tour and Ocean Activities - Snorkel, Dive, or relax in the shadow of the worlds most active active Volcano Kilauea.
The Ultimate Big Island Adventure to Discover East Hawaii's hidden ocean destinations awaits you on this photographers exclusive tour.
Castaway today to a Hawaii oasis of White & Black Sand Beaches, Tropical Coconut Groves, Abundant Sealife, Guided Snorkel tours over pristine corals, Exploration SCUBA Dives or just kick back and relax on your own white sandy beach. East Hawaii's remote underwater world is a vast area of exploration dives & adventure snorkeling. If you're ready for some serious ocean fun then this is the trip for you.

Guided Shore SCUBA Dives

Explore the best Big Island dive spots from shore on guided dives with experience Dive masters. Dive the youngest underwater formations on the volcanically active Puna Coast to the old growth coral that West Hawaii is renowned for. The Big Island offers SCUBA Dives for enthusiasts of all levels whether it's your first time diving or you're a certified Diver. Shore dives in East Hawaii are available at the following places: Leleiwi - Hilo, Richardsons Beach - Hilo, Kahena Black Sand Beach - Puna Coast & Isaac Hale Beach Park/Pohoiki - Puna Coast. If your looking to go on an island wide dive excursion here are some of our other favorite Big Island Dive sites we recommend: Mohukona - Kohala Coast, Puako - Kohala Coast, Manta Ray Night Dive - Kailua-Kona, Honokahau Harbor Dive - Kailua-Kona, South Point- Ka'u Coast, Exploration Dives - Secret Dive Locations. Contact (808)966-4200 to arrange a dive

1 Tank Shore SCUBA DIVE $100
2 Tank Shore SCUBA DIVE $150

AHIU HIKE 12:00 noon

Current Lava Hike Update - Lava is red hot at the middle east rift zone, the Pu`u `O`o vent continued feeding the Kahauale`a 2 lava flow whose distal end remained active and advancing very slowly to the northeast while burning forest. More info available on current Kilauea Volcano updates on Hawaii Volcanoes National Parks USGS website.

Epic Lava Hikes offer Great Surface lava flow action right now, safely get a personal up close view of lava. How close, as close as your body can handle? If you can't feel the heat you weren't close enough.
Recent photo updates available here www.facebook.com/Lavakai

General Information
Schedule: Hawaii lava hikes depart daily.
Tour Rating: Advanced; guests need to be at least 8 years old and in great physical condition.
We Provide: Walking sticks, a Backpack equipped with Bottled water, Lunch, Snacks, Gloves, Rain Ponchos Hawaii Lava Tour from local lava Guide highlighting Kilauea Volcano, Plant Life and Geological features.
Prices: Adult $175.00. Child (8-15): $150.00 taxes included
Group Size: Multiple guides available can assist tours of any size. Generally under 10 per guide
Restrictions: Guests need to be able to hike on uneven rocky terrain for an extended amount of time.
What to Bring & Wear: Comfortable walking shoes(sneakers or hiking boots), long socks, long pants or shorts, a sleeved shirt, light jacket, hat. Bring a spare change of clothes for after tour.

Active Lava Hikes at this time are an moderate-advanced hike over rough lava terrain, muddy jungle conditions, over lava cracks, under fallen trees, and includes hiking up steep trail grades. We do not recommend this tour for children under 8 years of age, those with recent leg or foot injuries, or any other health problems that may be aggravated by a rigorous hiking please consult your doctor before booking. Our lava hikes cover a vast amount of terrain anywhere from 6-8 miles per trip, call for recent conditions.
<strong>Lava Hikes walk you to See Lava on the Big Island of Hawaii flowing from Volcano Kilauea.
Full Description
Join us on the Big Islands real up-close & personal lava adventure hike to visit Madame Pele's rivers of fire. Walk over recent lava flows and feel the heat as our volcano guides lead you to experience the ever changing lava flows from the Kilauea Volcano. Feel the heat under your feet, hear the crackling of the lava while keeping an eye out for surface outbreaks. This is an experience you don't want to miss!

Lava is a natural event and can start and stop without warning. Our lava tours access private lands to bring you as close as possible to the current front of the most recent lava flows or you can choose to upgrade to our Volcano Boat Tours as well.


Private charter
Cancellation Policy: Please check box if you can read
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