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Snorkel A.M.

Adults Price: $101.81 - Members Price: $101.81
Child Price: $53.58 - Members Price: $53.58
Pawai Bay has an excellent variety of tropical reef fish and dramatic terrain, with ledges, caves, shallow shelves and steep drop-offs; and all coral encrusted lava formations. Frequent visitors to the bay are manta rays (up to 10 feet across!), spotted eagle rays, and green sea turtles. Depths vary from 3-4 feet on the shallow ledges to blue water where the bottom disappears at 100 feet. Average is about 18 feet. We specialize in non-swimmers and first time snorkelers, because we think everybody should get in the water and experience Kona's spectacular underwater beauty. We have excellent floatation devices, a wide assortment of quality silicone masks and snorkels (including prescription lens masks for the near sighted), rubber fins from size 0 to 14.
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