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3-Tank Mana Crack

-3 Tank Dive Price: $378.24 - Members Price: $378.24
Mana Crack is an 11 mile long sunken barrier reef of finger coral. Over the centuries it has been pounded by huge surf which has caused large fissures and chunks to crack off, turning 180 degrees upside down! These cracks we swim through are home to large uluas (jacks 50-100lbs), as well as smaller fish. The largest eel in the world, the Java Moray can often be found here. There is great topography, and we know its all about habitat! This side of the island can be dived year round except for the occasional swell which prohibits access to safe diving.
Our surface interval is spent on the Na Pali Coastline which is the second fastest eroding coastline in the world. With its spiraling peaks and majestic valleys it is the absolute best surface interval in the world while having lunch! This is world class drift diving without having to cross an open ocean channel.
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