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KDF Cozumel Trip 2017

Thank you for choosing Fathom 5 for your diving experience in Kauai. Without you, we could not do what we like and be able to share it with you.
From now on, every year, we will be organizing a dive trip for our customers and family. This year, we are going to Cozumel, Mexico from November 30th 2017 to December 7th 2017. We would like you to join us!!!
We will be staying at the Iberostar in Cozumel for 8 days, 7 nights. It is an all-inclusive resort situated right on the beach, in front of the Marine Park.
The trip includes:
-Rooming in Iberostar all-inclusive resort: food, drinks included
-6 days of 2 tanks dives (12 dives total), with Dressel Divers, including one day of Cenotes OR Bull shark dive, AND one night dive.
-Transfer to/from to the airport (depending upon your arrival time)
-Free Nitrox

From the mainland, we do not include the airfare. The total cost of the trip is $1458.34*. Half is due May 1st 2017* and the other half is due August 1st 2017
The price for non-diver is $1145.84*. Half is due May 1st 2017 and the other half is due August 1st 2017
*Prices including taxes*
**Pay before April 1st 2017 to secure your spot**

The rooming options are either 1 king size bed which are for the couples, or a 2 DBL beds, which can be used for the single people sharing a room.
We can also upgrade your room for either single occupancy or suites for an extra cost.
You will need to be Open Water certified (Advanced Open Water or higher is even better) and have a Nitrox certification, have a Dan or/and Health insurance. Also make sure you passport is valid.
You need to bring your own gear:
-Wetsuit (3mm or 5mm) the water temperature is about 80F- 82F
-SMB (signal tube)
-Computer (compatible with Nitrox)
‚Äč -Dive light
-Dive bag
Gear can be rented in Mexico for an extra of $156.25* for the week. If you need any help buying gear before the trip, let us know. We also have an offer from Fathom 5 for a used BCD, Regulator, and computer for only $625*.
**No gloves and/or knifes allowed in the Cozumel marine pack**

If you have any other questions about the trip, feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail or by phone.

I also attached below some videos and more explanation of the Dive Center, hotel, cenotes, and bull shark dives!

Fathom Five diver staff

Here is the video of the Dive center, Dressel Divers
And the Iberostar hotel

Bull shark Diving
The bull shark diving excursion is a scuba dream come true for divers who want to experience a very thrilling dive. The bull shark tour puts you face to face with these imposing animals and delivers a memorable adrenalin rush. Diving with them lets you meet up with wild sharks in their own turf and gives you a very close look at these imposing ocean inhabitants.

Cenote Diving
In the middle of the Yucatan jungle there are small ponds, in which entrances have been discovered to sub- aquatic caverns, unique on the whole planet: the world famous Cenotes.
In these ponds and caverns, visibility up to 200 feet / 60 meter is not uncommon, giving you the impression that you are floating in mid-air! You will see beams of sunlight penetrating the cavern shafts, creating a magic light show and also the halocline effect. Admiring the breath taking limestone formations of these Cenote caverns is an exclusive privilege of divers vacationing in the Yucatan.
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Accommodation Information:

Room (if known)
Check here to acknowledge our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. **48 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY ON NIIHAU**
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