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Flumin' Kohala Tour Gift Certificate

Adult (12+) Price: $140.99 - Members Price: $140.99
Child (5-11) Price: $78.33 - Members Price: $78.33
Senior Price: $112.79 - Members Price: $112.79
Kama'aina Adult Price: $91.65 - Members Price: $91.65
Kama'aina Child Price: $50.95 - Members Price: $50.95
Student Rate Price: $15.00 - Members Price: $15.00
Military Adult Price: $112.79 - Members Price: $112.79
Military Child Price: $62.71 - Members Price: $62.71
Private 48 Price: $140.99 - Members Price: $140.99
Special FAM Tour Price: $70.52 - Members Price: $70.52
Comps Price: $0.00 - Members Price: $0.00
Flumin’ Kohala offers a unique and exclusive adventure deep in the historically rich and verdant mountains of Kohala. There you will explore the much storied Kohala Ditch, a 110 year old system of hand-wrought tunnels, elevated flumes, and concrete channels that once supplied millions of gallons of fresh water to the vast sugar cane plantations of Kohala. On a leisurely kayak float through 3 miles of the system, you will have the rare opportunity to access lush private lands, streams, waterfalls and other natural and man-made wonders kapu (forbidden) to all except guests of Flumin’ Kohala.
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I agree to Flumin' Kohala's cancellation/change policy. Cancellations within the cancellation period and "no- shows" will be charged the FULL AMOUNT of the tour.
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