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  • Take a Ferry to Lanai!

  • Maui Tradewind Sail

  • Finest Kind Sportfishing

  • Rappel Down a Waterfall!

  • Tour Maui in Comfort!

  • Underwater Exploration

  • Hawaii Alive! Luau

  • Hawaii from Above!

  • Extreme Rafting Adventures!

  • Experience Maui in Luxury!

Abay Excursions

(2 guests) Snorkel Price: $31.32 - Members Price: $31.32
Kayak Price: $41.75 - Members Price: $41.75
SUP Price: $41.75 - Members Price: $41.75
Additional Person Price: $10.44 - Members Price: $10.44
Additonal Person (Kayak) Price: $15.66 - Members Price: $15.66
Outrigger 20 MIn Price: $10.44 - Members Price: $10.44
Outrigger 45 Min Price: $28.18 - Members Price: $28.18
4 Hr Unlimited Toy Use (1 pax)) Price: $200.00 - Members Price: $200.00
Beginners welcomed! Come down to Anaeho'omalu bay and let our experienced Ocean Sports guides show you the reef! Snorkel, Kayak, or paddle a Stand Up Paddle board with us at Anaeho'omalu bay.

4 hour block for Unlimited use of our toys is also available.
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  • (2 guests) Snorkel : Kayak: SUP : Additional Person: Additonal Person (Kayak): Outrigger 20 MIn: Outrigger 45 Min: 4 Hr Unlimited Toy Use (1 pax)):

Accommodation Information:

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Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your reservation with us, please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled activity to receive a full refund. If you need to cancel less than 24 hours prior, you'll be charged the full fare. Cancellations on our Catamaran cruises due to weather are at the sole discretion of the Captain. Cancellation terms for blocks or Exclusive Charters may vary as agreed.
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