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Escorted Summit Tour To The Top of Mauna Kea - Big Island

Free Price: $0.00 - Members Price: $0.00
Bring your own 4WD Vehicle and join the FREE summit tour caravan.
Escorted Summit Tours are scheduled every Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting). Participants must arrive at the V.I.S. by 1:00 PM. but reservations are not required.
You must provide your own TRUE 4-wheel-drive vehicle with LOW Range to participate in the tour. If renting, confirm with your rental company that your vehicle has a separate LOW range.
The Station does not provide any transportation to the summit.
The Caravan to the summit begin after the orientation. It is about a half an hour drive and the speed limit is 25 miles an hour. The tour will go into at least one of the Mauna Kea Observatories and will end between 4:15 and 4:30 pm on the summit.
Very important note: Be sure that you have a full tank of fuel in the vehicle you are driving to Mauna Kea. The steep grade combined with the lower oxygen level makes internal combustion engines run inefficiently. Fuel is NOT available for purchase on Mauna Kea!
All participants in the Summit Tour must have their own 4-wheel drive transportation to the summit.
Everyone must be at least 16 years of age
No one may be pregnant.
Persons who are extremely over-weight, in poor health, and those with a history of heart or respiratory problems should check with their personal physician before planning a trip to the summit of Mauna Kea (considered to be HIGH ALTITUDE -- 13,796 feet above sea level).
No one should have been SCUBA diving in the previous 24 hours.
All of these regulations are strictly enforced!
Please call the road report number, (808) 935 - 6268, to hear a recording of the current road conditions on the summit. The summit tour will happen as long as the road is open. However, the road is subject to closure at any time if bad weather should occur.
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